María Fernanda Salinas Santos, who lives in Monterrey, northwest of Mexico, began creating art with mirrors in 2014, a hobby that would later become MF Espacios. Since then, the artist has delved into being able to express herself through the creation of different works, taking inspiration from experiences, experiences and flashes of creativity that come to her mind, with the aim of being able to plant each of those stories and ideas within her works. and share them with the world leaving a part of it there.


MF Espacios is a studio that was born 7 years ago. Part of what makes up the integrity of this brand is the quality in each of the things that are done within it, the creativity, and the environment. All of this creates a healthy and pleasant work environment for the people who are part of us, providing excellent treatment and communication to people interested in our work.


The value of excellent treatment and communication with clients, being able to create a healthy and enjoyable work environment for the people who are part of us; Likewise, the meaning of our artistic concept and good design in our pieces is a way for our brand to transcend.

"Each of the pieces is made by Mexican hands; being able to create exclusive pieces and unique designs has become something characteristic, since each one has its special touch..."


More than MF Espacios...

Architecture, Art and design are 3 of María Fernanda's passions, which is why the brands were born from this, two sister brands of MF Espacios were born.

MF Arquitectura is an office which is focused on developing residential architecture projects with its own style. Its main objective is to be able to project a timeless design and satisfy what the client is looking for to exceed their expectations.

On the other hand, Arte Modular , is a brand of commercial wall accessories, its commitment to innovation and modern design has given rise to a new way of transforming a space, since its purpose is for the client to design, accommodate and Install your own parts as you like without any difficulty.